This blog is meant to accompany Jimmy Riordan’s Le Roman du Lievre project. The official website for the project is www.leromandulievre.com. Riordan’s personal website is www.misterriordan.com.

At this time most of the blog’s newer content deals with the Held Up comic book. Held Up  is structurally modeled after Le Roman du Lievre the book and draws material from all the previous Le Roman du Lievre projects. It will run 18 to 23 issues. The goal is to release an issue every 3 months. In a lot of ways Held Up is a complex system of mnemonic devices. Every element symbolizes something, just not always something relevant to its plot. The posts on this site expand upon the notes in each issue, providing insight, permitting us to follow tangents in ways that could not be done in the print version.

Posts will occasionally relate to progress being made relating to the project as a whole. Insights into the direction Le Roman du Lievre is taking and updates on shows. It also contains the original Le Roman du Lievre text in both English and French. If you dig deep enough you will find old blog posts from the 2009 Marginalia exhibition.